Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

This policy deals with disruptions on the wiki.

Overview Edit

Discussion, rather than unilateral action, is the preferred means of dispute resolution. This means that an individual who opposes the state of a current rule or policy should not attempt to create content on Charliepedia itself as proof that the rule does not work. Neither should users vandalize mercilessly, just because they feel offended by the community or any one user.

Types of Disruption Edit

  • Gaming the System: Gaming the system is the use of Naruto Fanon Wiki rules to thwart Charliepedia policy. In many cases, gaming the system is a form of disruption.
  • Outside Disruptions: Outside disruptions happen when users from other sites, wikis, etc., (otherwise known as "anons") come to Charliepedia and disrupt the daily activity of the wiki. This could be in the form of disrespecting members of the community or it's sysops, stirring up arguments on the blogs, talk pages, Message Walls, chats, or forums, or criticizing the site's policies as their only means of editing (meaning that is their only reason for being on the site).
    • Message Wall Disruptions: A message wall disruption is when a user from another site (wiki or other), or a random anon, decides to stir up trouble on a user's message wall (talk page). These will be treated as outside disruptions.

Consequences Edit

Disruptions are treated more severely than other rule breaking, thus making it punishable. The following should be considered guidelines on how to approach the situation;

  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: 1 month block
  • Third offense: Permanent block
  • In the case of blatant vandals or trolls from other wikis, an instant permanent block is acceptable.
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