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The Angry Grandpa Show is a popular home video/vlog series, originating on YouTube, staring Charles Green; an elderly man who suffers from a type of bipolar disorder, and thus goes on angry tirades, bringing destruction and humor in its wake — hence his moniker, the aptly named, Angry Grandpa. The videos often feature other members of Green's family, namely his former wife, Tina, his son Michael, who is usually responsible for filming his tirades, Bridgette, Micheal's girlfriend, and on occasions, his daughter Jennifer and her children. Charles also owns his own YouTube channel, which he created several years after the start of the Angry Grandpa Show, called Grandpa's Corner, where he vlogs about his opinions on politics, religion, current events, and also takes time to tell stories from his past.

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Did you know?
  • As of September 4, 2013, the Angry Grandpa Show has 239, 486 subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded 372 videos related to Charles Green.
  • Due to his popularity, several popular or once popular YouTube personalities have made appearances in his videos, mainly assisting Micheal in his pranks. These YouTube personalities include iMustDestroyAll and John Assanti, also known as Fatboygetdown.
  • Despite some criticism that the videos presented by the Angry Grandpa Show are fake or scripted, Charles Green really does suffer from a severe case of bipolar disorder, and many times neglects to take the medication meant to keep his mood under control. Thus, his anger-induced tirades are very much real.
  • Charles has attracted international attention; not only having stared on the American-based humor website,, but also being interviewed by a British news network at one point, due to the popularity of his videos.
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