Charles Green
2011 - 2013

Charles 2013

Born October 16, 1950
Age 62
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation YouTube personality
Previous Occupation(s) Firefighter, Business owner, Apartment maintenance worker
Residence North Charleston, South Carolina
Spouse(s) Tina Sharp (???? – 2012)
Children Charles Green III (Son)
Micheal Green (Son)
Jenifer Green (Daughter)
Kimberly Green (Daughter)
Relatives Charles Green Sr. (Father)
Dorothy Green (Mother)
Charlene Green (Sister)
High School St. Andrews High School[1]
First Appearance
Video Debut N/A

"You can all kiss my fat ass!"
— Grandpa's catchphrase

Charles Marvin Green Jr. (October 16, 1950 – Present) is the patriarch of the Green family, which consists of his two sons, three daughters, and multiple grandchildren. Due to his condition, he is prone to angry outbursts, which causes his family to pull various pranks on him for their amusement; often leading to the pranks backfiring when Charles goes on an enraged rampage. This earned him the moniker Angry Grandpa. He also goes by Charlie, or simply Grandpa.

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The man who would become the Angry Grandpa was born "Charles Marvin Green Jr.", to his parents; Charles Green Sr., a war veteran, and Dorothy Green. He was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where he has always lived; in the small neighborhood of Sherwood Forest. His father was paralyzed in an accident sometime following his birth and it caused his family to struggle for money for most of Charles' young life. At various points in his life, he has worked as a firefighter in Charleston, as well as a business owner, a flea market worker, and a maintenance man among other things. At some point he married Tina Martin and had his five children, and later, went on to have nine grandchildren.[2]

Angry Grandpa Edit

The videos of Charles as "Angry Grandpa" began surfacing on December 25, 2007.[2]

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  • Charles is prohibited from entering or shopping at the local Walmart in Charleston. This because, according to himself and Micheal, threw a jar of jelly at wall, while leaving the store, because he felt the cashier didn't do her job correctly.

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  • (Common catchphrase) "Holy motherfucking... SHIT!"

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